Horsham clinic offers handy service

Posted: 12th Aug

Wimmera residents can get affordable custom-fitted splints for hand and wrist injuries and soreness in Horsham.

The exclusive service is provided through Wimmera Health Care Group’s hand therapy team.

The team includes occupational therapists and physiotherapists with education in upper limb management.

And occupational therapist Kate Cameron has specialist training in preparing and fitting splints.

Ms Cameron said WHCG was the only public service in the region with a hand therapy clinic offering the fitting service.

‘Our specialist hand therapy service aims to assist clients following injury or disease of the hand or upper limb,’ Ms Cameron said.

‘Allied health team members have extensive experience and training and as a public organisation ensures our services are easily accessible and affordable.’

Ms Cameron’s training ensures she can help community members with customised splint fabrication and the prescription of prefabricated splints.

She can provide hand splints for a variety of needs, including supporting joints to rest and heal, correcting and preventing hand deformities, immobilising joints and improving the range of hand motion or function.

She can also provide protection for hand or wrist to wear while exercising or using repetitive movements.

Other services include scar management and education, sports injuries and rehabilitation, pain management education, hot/cold treatments, dry needling and soft tissue modalities, functional retraining, workplace injuries and return to work planning and brain ‘retraining’ using mirrors and phone apps.


Source: http://www.health.vic.gov.au/healthvictoria/aug20/handy.htm