Ballarat Health Services

History and profile

Ballarat Health Services operates the Ballarat Base Hospital, the largest regional hospital in the Grampians region. It is the principal referral hospital for the entire region, which extends from Bacchus Marsh to the South Australian border, an area of 48,000 square kilometres.

More than 230,000 people, or 4.4 per cent of the population of Victoria, live in the Grampians Region.

Ballarat Health Services employs around 4,000 staff to ensure optimum care is provided for all patients, families and visitors.

Ballarat Health Services was established on 1 January 1997 to unite and enhance three respected public health services: Queen Elizabeth Centre, Ballarat Base Hospital and Grampians Psychiatric Services.

Ballarat has a population of around 100,000 people and is Australia's 20th largest city.


Mission, vision and values

Our vision

Excellence in Care - Our Patients, Our Staff, Our Community

Our mission

To deliver quality care to the communities we service by providing safe, accessible and integrated health services resulting in positive experiences and outcomes.

Our values

Our services and staff embrace the following:

  • Teamwork - We commit to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for all. We are dedicated to working together for common interests and responsibilities.
  • Respect - We acknowledge everyone’s unique strengths and value diversity. We operate in a spirit of co-operation and honour human dignity.
  • Accountability - We personally commit to delivering our best, taking responsibility for all of our decisions and actions.
  • Compassion - We treat people with kindness and empathy. We care about our patients, our people and our community.


Summary of facilities and services

Ballarat Health Services has been providing quality care for the Ballarat and Grampians region for more than 160 years.

We work to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families, and our community.

Ballarat Health Services is a total health care provider.

That means we care for patients and the community with a comprehensive range of general and specialist care, across every key medical and healthcare discipline.

  • Acute Care
  • Sub-Acute Care
  • Residential Care
  • Community Care
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Rehabilitation Services



  • Acute: 224
  • Residential aged care: 424
  • Sub-acute: 70
  • Mental health: 67
  • Total: 785


Professional development

Clinicians are being supported with a comprehensive training, education and professional development program which is regularly reviewed, evaluated and assessed to ensure it is achieving the desired outcomes.



The key services are based at two sites, the Base Hospital site and the Queen Elizabeth Centre site. Each site is located close to the central business district, with the remaining residential, day centres and community sites located throughout Ballarat.

The Base Hospital site

Includes the acute hospital, emergency and diagnostic services as well as adult and secure psychiatric beds.

The Queen Elizabeth Centre site

Includes the inpatient rehabilitation ward, palliative care ward, assessment ward, psycho-geriatric assessment and extended care and nursing home:

There are 13 off-site facilities in Ballarat and a number of community based psychiatric services in Horsham, Stawell, Ararat and Bacchus Marsh.

Ballarat Health Services includes acute, aged and mental health beds.

Significant efforts continue to be devoted to improving the quality, responsiveness and accessibility of psychiatric services through ensuring persons who have a mental illness, and their families are routinely provided with the range of internationally recognised evidence-based and best practice treatments proven to provide the best opportunity of recovery.


Recent improvements

Paediatric Day Medical Unit (2019)

The PDMU operates out of the Children’s Ward at BHS, so children are cared for and treated in the right place at the right time with the right equipment by the right staff.  Children who present to the emergency department who meet certain criteria and are expected to need to stay in hospital for less than 24 hours will now be treated in a dedicated area on the Children’s Ward, rather than waiting in emergency. This ensures that quality care is provided safely and appropriately for the age and stage of development of the child or young person.

Gardner–Pittard Building (2017)

New main entrance of the hospital, with new main information desk in the building’s atrium.  Patients and visitors have easy access to all wards and clinic areas, new lifts help take people to the first and second floors, and links to existing buildings have been made as simple as possible.

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